Special Offer For Webinar Listeners

Special Offer For Webinar Listeners

Special Offer!

All my special training courses in one low-priced package.

Just for my friends who have watched my webinar.

Limited time ONLY!

Here’s what you get!

  1. Make a Living as a Freelance Writer, Normally $67
  2. Build Your Own Book Empire, Normally $29.95
  3. Fiverr ATM Method (Making Money on Fiverr), Normally $97
  4. Show and Tell, Normally $17.95
  5. Fantasy Book Empire, Normally $37.00
  6. Mystery Book Empire, Normally $37.00
  7. Romance Book Empire, Normally $37.00
  8. Science Fiction Book Empire, Normally $37.00
  9. AMS ATM (How To Use Amazon Marketing Services), Normally $29.95
  10. Book Sales Explosion, Normally $37.00
  11. Smart Book Promotion, Normally $39.95
  12. All Five Idea Explosions Books (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Historical), Normally $148.00

Total regular price: $614.80

For those who have listened to my webinars and their friends!

All those products at the special price, for one day only, for $67.97!

Because of the nature of this bundle, there are no refunds.